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In 10 years Southern Oman has transformed from a forgotten ancient gem to the monster GT capital of the World. The number of 40-75kg fish No Boundaries have landed has been unequalled and these nutrient rich waters have not just produced dinosaur GT but many other species of monstrous proportions.


More recently, adventurous fly anglers are starting to take serious note of the raw fly fishing opportunities here. Omani Permit have been making waves and you can score big numbers with both the Africannus & Blochii species frolicking rocks, beaches & strangely enough .. bait balls!


Add more backing dumpers with our unique Parrotfish, resident popper eating Bream, XL Queenfish and the most colourful fish on the planet - the Broomtail Wrasse


The light tackle topwater and subsurface options seem endless with an incredible inshore fishery to match the reef dwellers and pelagic species found offshore at the magical Hallaniyat Islands. Jigging also produces some world class action & great captures throughout the season.


Conservation, education and respecting this wonderful fishery is at the forefront of our ambitions. We handle all fish very carefully in wet slings before weighing/measuring and all of our boats enforce barbless hooks only.

Click the species/techniques below to learn more...


Giant Trevally

The biggest and baddest GT's in the WORLD!

Fly Fishing

The tug is the drug, get your fix on a whole range of species!

Light Tackle & Jigging

Monster bream on top, AJ's on the jig and everything in between!


Cow yellowfin tuna to sizzle drags and break backs!

*Full tackle breakdown is provided to all of our anglers.

*Tackle provided upon request.

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