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 Adventurous Fly anglers are starting to take serious note of the raw fly fishing opportunities the inshore and Island fishery hold. An incredible backdrop of various colored cliffs, reefs, submerged rocks and virgin beaches offer a stunning playground to explore by both foot & boat. 


Permit have been making waves and you can score big numbers with both the Africannus & Blochii species frolicking mussel laden rocks, beaches & strangely enough .. bait balls.

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You may also have shots at most of the Trevally family – Giant Trevally, BlackTip, BlackJack, Bluefin, Bludger, Club Nose, Diamond, Golden and Yellow Spots bully our reefs and require some serious stopping. 

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A personal favorite the Omani Bream, are quickly reaching legendary status and chasing them inshore on Poppers & Gurglers is a stunning experience. Add more backing dumpers with our unique Parrotfish, huge Milkfish, Queenfish and the most colourful fish on the Planet, the Broomtail Wrasse to name a few.

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* Full tackle breakdown is provided to all of our anglers.

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