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Oman has been consistently voted in the top 20 safest countries in the World for a number of years and Omani hospitality is legendary. Widely regarded as the Switzerland of the Middle East the country provides a haven for many religions and cultures.

A large population of Americans, Europeans and many other nationalities call Oman home and live a great life here. The crime rate is very, very low compared to almost all other Western cities and there is minimal need to be concerned about your safety when travelling here. The local Omani’s are extremely humble and giving people, full of smiles and will go far out of their way to help you.


Safety of our guests is paramount given the isolated location of our operation. We only recruit certified Skippers and Staff are all trained in emergency response. We also run strict maintenance schedules for all our boats & vehicles which are equipped with Satellite phones, Flares, lifejackets and full first aid kits. We do not compromise on your safety and nor should you.


The Southern Oman season is dictated by a huge monsoon known locally as the ‘Khareef’. The big seas are unfishable during that period so our ‘Southern’ season runs from the start of October through till mid-May.

During the summer months June - mid August Notus Temptress is sailed up the coast to fish the Yellow Fin Tuna fishery in Oman’s capital, Muscat. 


Flights have never been easier to Oman with dozens of airlines offering options to either Muscat, Dubai or Qatar and then direct flights from those destinations to Salalah where the NB’s team will pick you up.

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Visas are easily obtained online for almost all nationalities through -

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