The ANGRIEST fish on the reef

And with power to burn,No wonder why GT’s are a topwater anglers dream with incredible visual attacks, brutal fights and a strong release post trophy picture.


Whether you are a seasoned GT vet or still chasing your first hit the ferocity of a massive 50kg GT inhaling your lure will be burnt into your memory. The adrenaline will help you through the dogged fight that these brutes are famous for.


There is no finesse involved with these giants and anglers need to...

come prepared, ready for battle

”We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

*Tackle provided upon request



At the start of the 2011-12 season No Boundaries pioneered the first Tag & Release program for GT’s in the Middle East. After tagging 500+ GTs with no recaptures funds were raised for a small Satellite Tagging program to ensure these monsters survived post release. 

The results were very positive and interesting; All fish survived the 30 days till tag release and spent 90% of the day at 80-100m. However for a small period each fish returned topwater, presumably looking for bait and more anglers to destroy. 

Tagging numbers have since more than doubled and a small number of fish have been recaptured. Are these prehistoric beasts lurking in the depths here in huge numbers or perhaps they migrate somewhere? The quest continues! 

Conservation and respecting this wonderful fishery that we operate in is No Boundaries main objective. We handle all fish very carefully in wet slings before weighing/tagging.and all of our boats enforce barbless hooks only.


GT Oman expedition goals

 Increase the number of recovered tags from Oman’s waters.

Create and increase awareness and education along the Oman Coastline.


Increased awareness of the need for conservation and management strategy for Giant Trevally in Omani waters.

Development of corporate partnerships to facilitate necessary funding for future project/ expedition advancement


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