The lodges underwent a major renovation in the summer of 2011 as we wanted to be able to offer our guests all modern and home comforts which are not available elsewhere in this remote village. This is also our permanent home with all our own decorations, furniture which helps in making guests feel welcome and comfortable.

The end result is 2 very homely lodges with Power Shower cubicles, all wooden furniture and comfortable beds/mattresses. We also have a modern kitchen and home cook a variety of different cuisine daily. All of this combined makes a huge difference during a few days of hard fishing as you don’t end feeling like you have being roughing it.

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We have 2 outdoor showers and rod wash downs, a large BBQ area with tables and chairs and also a great fire pit at the back of the guest house.

No Boundaries can accommodate up to 10 fisherman at a time with 2 single beds in each of the 5 air conditioned bedrooms or should the smaller groups wish to then each guest can book their own room.
We also offer the opportunity to camp on the islands for the more adventurous smaller groups.

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All trips are inclusive of Food & Drinks and packed lunches for the days on the boat/wondering the mainland.