Fishing the Shore

Shore fishing offers some great opportunities to whet your appetite before heading out to the islands or ‘break days’ when you want to explore/fish the coast. The small fishing town is situated in the middle of a 20km stretch of golden beach that offers some fantastic shore fishing, be it bait casting or strolling along the shoreline looking for Pompano, Bream, Queen Fish, Blue Fish to throw a lure/fly at.

There are huge amounts of bait fish that migrate along the coast here and you will often find bait balls pushed right up against the beach with some good fish in easy casting distance behind and in amongst them. On these not so ‘leisurely’ walks you will often come across a great selection of shells, whale/dolphin and turtle skeletons and what ever else the sea may wash up over night.

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At either end of the stretch of sand you are met by impressive mountains, drop offs and reef which offers the opportunity to extend that species collection with a number of the Trevally family, Grouper, Barracuda, Spangled Emperor (Shari) and other reef fish caught regularly. On the left side of the beach is a small and very basic rock wall where we launch the boat, this structure produces a huge amount of fish to those who fish it with some very big Queen fish often landed here.

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A few hours before sunset and the evening have produced the biggest fish landed on the shore at No Boundaries. Sand Shark and Rays 100kg plus are a regular sight as well as striped reels, broken rods and fishermen! There are some true monsters lurking in the surf here. In between the monster fish you may pick up some nice Grunter and Bream if they are able to get to your bait before the giants do.