Seasons & Safety

Seasons SEASONS:

Prime fishing months are mid-Sept through to the end of April, but fishing is excellent all year round in Southern Oman. However during the summer months (Late-May – mid-Sept) the Khareef (Monsoon) blows and makes the sea rough which restricts our access to the Islands. During this period beach fishing is still fantastic as well as shore fishing – Light popping, spinning etc being very productive as a lot of the fish stay to prey on the constant supply of bait fish.

Unlike all other Gulf Countries, the temperature rarely rises above 32 degrees during the summer making the destination very popular for residents of Gulf cities such as Dubai where the temperature can reach over 50 degrees.

The lodge offers the use of our Body Boards, Surf Boards, Stand Up Paddle Boards, Mountain Bikes & Kayaks to clients ensuring entertainment is never far away with a huge list of activities waiting to be enjoyed when not fishing.


A long standing history with Britain who helped the Sultan (King) of Oman fight off insurgents in the 70s, the country is very accommodating to western travellers. A large population of Americans, Europeans and many other nationalities call Oman home and live a great life here. The crime rate is very, very low compared to almost all other Western cities and there is no worry to your safety when travelling here.

The local Omani people are extremely humble and giving people, reflecting the outlook many others all over the world share, you do not have to have lots of money to be happy. The locals are full of smiles and will go far out of their way to help you.

Seasons SAFETY:

Safety is our number one concern at No Boundaries. All staff are fully trained in emergency first response and run through safety drills/scenario’s at least once a month. There is a fully supplied medical kit on each boat and in the unlikely event of an emergency procedures are in place to get the injured person to the hospital as quickly as possible.

Having previously worked in the diving industry we stick to strict safety rules that apply to all staying/fishing with us.

All clients are asked to arrive covered by travel/medical insurance for their trip. We will not accept any clients arriving without the correct insurance. Furthermore all guests will sign a disclosure wavering No Boundaries of any liability due to any accident.

Sharks – Yes there are Sharks in these waters however, their fearsome reputation is the result of media hype and mis-education. The majority of Shark species are now endangered due to over fishing and you may be lucky to even see one. More people die every year from falling coconuts, bee stings and the common cold!

Malaria – Although we do have out fair share of Mosquitos, we are in a Malaria free zone.

Sun – Spending all day outside on the ocean you are just asking to be burnt. We advise all clients to arrive with plentiful amount of sunblock, hats, shades etc.