GT Conservation

”We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

At the start of the 2011-12 season No Boundaries pioneered the first Tag & Release program for GT’s in the Middle East and went on to tag over 300 fish, the majority of which we over the 30kg mark.

We could have tagged more but the smaller fish don’t seem to ‘hold’ the tag as well as the big Geets so we decided to only tag the larger of the catches to ensure we have every chance of the fish and tag surviving.

Despite tagging a significant number of fish we have still yet to recapture one which suggests the number of fish here is substantial.

Our aims from launching the tagging program were not only the conservation of Caranx Ignobilis (GT) but to see if we can gather any information as to where and if these fish migrate. In theory it is only a very short trip on the Somali current to Socotra Islands off Yemen but perhaps like the Omani Humpback Whales they are permanent residents here?

Conservation and respecting this wonderful fishery that we operate in is No Boundaries main objective. We handle all fish very carefully and both of our boats enforce barbless hooks only.

GT Oman Expedition goals:

* Increase the number of recovered tags from Oman’s waters.

* Create and increase awareness and education along the Oman Coastline.

* Increased awareness of the need for conservation and management strategy for Giant Trevally in Omani waters.

* Development of corporate partnerships to facilitate necessary funding for future project/ expedition advancement