Summer Sun . . Somethings begun . .

Thanks for visiting the website, I am heading down to Shuwaymiah on the 29th June to check the progress the builders are making and get things in order.

It is the Khareef at the moment (Monsoon) so its very rough but shore fishing is still productive with some large Rays, Sand Sharks and Bream about. I may even take the surf board but not sure how much time I am going to get to ‘play’ with the pregnant wife in tow and things to do.

Not really looking forward to towing the boat over 1000kms on the Omani roads but that’s the next step once the houses are refurbished. Still lots to keep me busy with, enjoying the challenge and looking forward to the season ahead.

We will be fully operational for October 1st, clients are already booking slots through the season and December seems to be a popular month so far. Any questions then click the contact us page and ask away.

If you have any comments or recommendations on what you would like to see on here then I would love to hear from you.

Tight Lines Ed

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